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Fatworld is a free game that could teach people to eat healthly
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Fatworld is a free game that could teach people to eat healthily.
When you begin playing this game, you will need to create your character. You can assign it your personal characteristics, such as your age, skin color, hair color, weight. And your health status, if you suffer from any disease, etc.

The player will live in a "world" that will include his house, restaurants, schools and every place that you can find in the real world. He will have an opportunity to choose what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He can use the things that he will find in the refrigerator, or buy the ingredients he needs in a shop. Or he can run a coffee, offering his clients healthy meals. You begin the game with some money, that you can use to buy a house, a business and food. Your balance will show how are you doing with your business. You can also see how many calories you have eaten, and how many you've burned. You can exercise by running, going to the gym or just walking. You can also work in your world´s politic, helping to create rules for a healthy living in your community.

Everything you do will affect your health. If you often eat healthy food, and exercise, you will live more years.

In brief, this game is a nice way to teach people what to do to avoid fatness.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is a fun way to learn how to eat and how much exercises you should do


  • It is a little difficult to move the character by using the keyboard
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